Revealed religion is a way
of mapping out the road to peace,
seeking to have love increase
until the judgement day.

Who judges though is hard to say;
there's much opinion on that theme,
which strand is paramount, which scheme
affords the greatest sway.

There're many actors in the play,
their scripts confuse and agitate,
add little to the great debate
of whom to disobey.

Rabbis, priests, muezzins, grey
with worry if they've got it right
in their promotion of the fight
for souls, are rarely gay.

They, no doubt, fret that they'll betray
their version of a vengeful god
who's liberal with the wrathful rod
in this grim affray.

Yet most of us, we know we're clay.
Uncertain but yet hardly blind,
we raise our children to be kind,
then quietly decay.

By Arthur Richardson

Very part time poem maker. Retired from paid work.

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