Breakfasting on Worms

Breakfasting on Worms

If you rise before the sun -

(when dawn is still a dream you had,
unclaspable, where reason ends,
before the rote of compliance begins,
before the language of constraint unstops,
acting out the all too rational;
a wage to earn, a meal to cook,
children's needs to tend,
the diction of No, after you
and various similitudes
designed to coalesce
around the sociological)

- you feel the pre-dawn less than dark
fizzing somewhere interplanetary.
And through this percolation
the Earth's curve courses,
hieroglyphics of expunged soil
cast like prayers upon the plains.
Too soon, tangents of light
precurse the onset of a sober day,

our dark worms sleeping off the sun.
Categorized as Poems

By Arthur Richardson

Very part time poem maker. Retired from paid work.

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