Pandemical Polemical

Pandemical Polemical

Boris Johnson is PM,
not representing Us, just Them,
the Few that would deny a penny
to the poor deserving Many.

Let's hope we can undo this schism
unmasked by an algorithm,
undermined by a disease
that mutates like a passing breeze.

Yet the monstrous mutant, hale and hearty,
to be rid of, is the Tory Party
along with all it's City mates,
financial backers, initiates
in the ways of exploitation,
greed and mutual masturbation,
wankering each other off
with their snouts deep in the trough.

There's a plumby job for a girl or boy
who's dedicated to destroy
any whiff of Socialism.
"Let's build another algorithm
to wipe out any tiny chance
that people become free to dance
the dance of vibrant Liberty
around the trunk of Freedom's tree."

Yes, Boris Johnson as PM
has writ these words and posted them,
a subtext of his vile wit;
surely we're fed up with it.
Surely we can build a fight
to rid us of this cancerous blight.
Let's populate each local street,
encouragingly entreat

a revolution of we proles
to lift our hearts, light up our souls;
to urge us proletariat
to start a fiery samizdat,
a clandestine publication
promoting urgent liberation
from these feckless, bloated twisters.
So what we need are stout resisters

organising every place
where there is a human face,
a mouth to feed, a child to tend,
the lonely one who wants a friend,
the needy sick, the unemployed,
the desperate and the near destroyed.
Let's rise together and follow the call,
see these exploiters head for a fall
from the grace they, in error, think that they merit.
Let's do it! There's only a World to Inherit!
Categorized as Polemicks

By Arthur Richardson

Very part time poem maker. Retired from paid work.

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