Gone Viral

Gone Viral

The corona virus, Covid 19,
attacks all the organs including the spleen.
The splenetic response of the government teams
is making it not what it seems.

External threats are always required
to keep us in check, making us tired
and sick, not from virus but hypocrisy
and capital's complicity.

The bastions of privilege slam down their gates
to keep out the proles and other ingrates.
They're scared they'll succumb to a horrid infection;
"Give us vaccine; a crooked election!"

The disease that they fear is not the corona
or other like virus that apes it's persona.
No, it's more a political, alien schism,
Democracy and Socialism.

So whilst we, the people, look out for each other
and treat all our neighbours like sister and brother,
the oligarchs, those who live over the tracks,
are busily watching their backs.

Yes, they'll launder their cash to beat back the threat
of a small revolution designed to upset
hegemony that is stitched into their spleen.
Nowt to do with Covid 19.
Categorized as Polemicks

By Arthur Richardson

Very part time poem maker. Retired from paid work.

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