Prince in Blue Genes

Prince in Blue Genes

"Prince Charles Fears Genetic Disaster" 
(Daily Mail, 17th May 2000)

We read in the paper Prince Charles is dismayed 
by science and scientists wrecking the place. 
"A bloomin' international disgrace" 
he said, then knelt down and prayed. 

It's something to do with the way that genetics 
are tinkered with, reproducing some freak
reproduction whose nature and chin are too weak 
to understand human aesthetics. 

One look at his family's history's enough 
to tell that a simple genetic disaster 
occurred when Queen Vic was spliced by her master, 
Prince Albert, all proud, in the buff. 

And thus Charlie's mum and Philip the Greek 
are both blood relations of Vicky and Bert,
whose seed is widespread among the inert 
royal families of Europe's shit creek. 

Poor Charles, self deluded, sounds almost ironic 
as he preaches on genes and how they morphose. 
He is, in his pomp, like a king with no clothes. 
We'd cry if it wasn't so comic.

By Arthur Richardson

Very part time poem maker. Retired from paid work.

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