Three Love Poems

There's Rain Falling

There's rain falling again
as all the month it tries 
to wash away this love
which cannot be assuaged.
As if a flood could cleanse
my heart of you.

There's an unbreakable strain
that runs through our lives
since that first word
spoken in trepidation,
that first kiss taken 
gladly in a single bed.

When you have left and all
this world's between us, something
of me will have gone
with you, something of you
will tear silently through me,
as every morning I wake

and softly mouth your name.

Those Lovers

Those who are 
not us revolve 
out there somewhere
closer for being 

Being equilateral
we are two sides
of a triangle
arising from the base.
What pleasure awaits
when the apex is reached.

This image, of course,
amounts to nothing.
Ciphers encircle us.
There is nothing
but ever widening 

like all those seas
that must be crossed
before we once
again have kissed.
The Book of Sand

Between his beginning and my ending
we pressed you like a flower
in the pages of our Book of Sand.

Every time I open you
I never read a line
I've read before.

We closed and opened you again.
We never found you twice that night
as you rewrote yourself,

our flower forever opening.

We pressed and hid you in between
two leaves, to always find you
by opening any page.

And in the morning somewhere
a cockerel crowed, somewhere
in your eye our love was flaming

as he, sleeping saintly
beside you spread between us
beside me in the stillness,

sang you inside him.