Insane Sonnets

Second Hand Shoes

After I've sat and mused awhile
on things I might have seen or missed
or places that I might have been
or those I could or not resist,
I slowly bend to pull the laces
intertwining with my shoes,
that have not and have been places
on some ambling country cruise.

At times I've caught myself amused
to think they, sometime in the past,
clung to someone else's feet
treading down a distant street.
And, knowing I'll not be the last,
take care to see they're not abused.

It's Not Unknown 

It's not unknown for one to see
a deer stopped in it's tracks
or sight a gasping bumble bee
making sneak attacks
on brightly coloured pantaloons,
drying in the breeze
on hot and sunny afternoons
just right for outdoor teas.

And it is quite astonishing
to what lengths we will go
to shoot the deer and swat the bee
and raze the pastures low.
We say the urging comes from lust
to equalise this dust, with dust.