Flippin 'ell

My appetites are pretty drastic,
I love to get sultry and hot,
Snapping my knicker elastic,

Saying yes to the fantastic
Idea of taking the lot.
My appetites are pretty drastic,

Quite verging on the orgiastic,
Which is a masculine plot,
Snapping my knicker elastic.

And sometimes by dressing in plastic
I almost succeed to garrotte.
My appetites are pretty drastic.

Without appearing bombastic
I like to think of a Trot
Snapping my knicker elastic

Before becoming gymnastic
And stuttering out his argot.
My appetites are pretty drastic
Snapping my knicker elastic.

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For Arthur Knowles

On balance, we haven't much to give,
ground out of us more like, in shards of
labour we hardly call our own,
sold on like hand-me-downs, used up,
withered on the bone,
flesh weeping out of us like tears.
And when we're wrung limp,
lacking even the will to worry
more about others than ourselves,
seeing no sense in community,
we're left, allowed to grieve for the loss
darkening each corner of our lives.
 So what we have is what we have to give.
 We bend, we laugh, we work, we weep, we live.