A Gift

Here’s my offering for the Ronovan Decima Challenge 36 with the prompt word Gift on the B rhyme line:

A Gift

The shortest day is coming near,
we smile, receive it as a gift.
The solstice cuts ourselves adrift
from every other time of year.

It's like the tumbling of a weir;
the waters wash our pasts away,
we're cleansed by batheing in a ray
of the darkling sun, hearts aglow.
A newborn year will soon bestow
a deeply vibrant Cabernet.
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Here’s a go at Ronovan’s 336th challenge with the prompt words, Mad and Sane:

Sanity is like 
a comfortable old shoe,
worn down, full of holes
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The Dressmaker

Here’s another try at the Ronovan decima challenge with Knock being the prompt word on rhyme line A.

The Dressmaker

He gently lifted up the frock,
the fabric was so light, so sheer.
It hung there on a hanger near 
the rest of his redundant stock.

The bailiff came, gave just one knock;
he slowly reached out for his gun,
knew he was not the only one
to suffer economic woes.
His finger twitched, the barrel blows,
the dresses flutter, half undone.
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Curl and Paw

A contribution to the Ronovan Haiku Challenge 335. Prompt words are Curl and Paw:

Tail a perfect curl
of disdain, cat's got the cream
lathered on one paw.
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Tripping with the Magi & Power Tower

A contribution to Ronovan’s decima challenge 334. Stable being the tricky rhyme on rhyme line D. Greedily, I have made two this week.

Tripping with the Magi

Three Magi travelled from the East,
beyond the land of Palestine,
beyond the Dead Sea's viscous brine,
each carried on a hump-backed beast.

Each one of them, some kind of priest,
bearing gifts from a Persian king
as if it were a christening;
carried straightway to a stable,
witnessing the birth of fable;
miraculous Lord of the Ring.

Power Tower

When Babylonians aspired
to build a temple touching sky
a certain god asked questions why,
from where such hubris was acquired.

She said 'It's not what I desired,
demolish, scatter all the stones,
make sure each one of you atones
for mocking me; it's unstable,
damn this Leaning Tower of Babel.'
(Off stage: hear polyglottal groans....)

Grace and Slip

Another effort for the Ronovan haiku challenge with the prompt words Grace and Slip. I thought I’d have a go at a shi rensa: for Grace Darling 1815-1842

Grace Darling a slip
of a girl rescued shipwrecked
sailors from the sea

sailors from the sea
were rescued by Grace even
though their faith had slipped

though their faith had slipped
an heroic act of Grace
salvaged faith in God

salvaged faith in God
slipped into our Darling Grace
and floated her boat
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A Way

For the Ronovan Decima challenge No.33 
Prompt word - Blind on rhyme C

A Way

Revealed religion is a way
of mapping out a path to peace,
those seeking to have love increase
on pilgrimage to judgement day.

Who judges though is hard to say.
Uncertain but yet hardly blind
we raise our children to be kind
and hesitate to know a god.
Like Frost, we take a path less trod,
a way evolving, not designed.

The Metaphysics of Love

Decima Challenge 31 from Ronovan. Prompt word on A rhyme:- One

The Metaphysics of Love

Metaphysical poet Donne,
forbidding mourning with a jest,
wrote (his beloved most impressed),
Our two souls therefore, which are one
can act like compasses for fun.
He then describes a metaphor
that has seduction at it's core,
made to have a joyful ending,
two souls happily ascending,
having their fill but wanting more.
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Ronovan Haiku Challenge 331 – Prompt: First and Heal


Now now, no Trumptrums!
A bit of Biden first aid?
Harris to heal US?
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Breathe Out

Breathe Out 

In through the nose, out through the mouth,
feel the lungs fill like a balloon
reviving your spermatozoon,
your ideas now travelling south.

You first are a aware of a growth
in your groin, sufficient in scale
to indicate that you are male.
All other concerns are reduced,
overtaken, lost and seduced
by needs to be met and - 'Exhale'!
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