Rononvan Haiku Challenge

With Chirp and Twilight as the prompt words.

dusk full of final chirrups
our night birds settling
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St. Patrick’s Day 1850

A St. Patrick’s Day contribution to Ronovan’s decima challenge No.49 with Shock as the prompt word on the C rhyme line.

St. Patrick's Day 1850

Eight hundred years and Irish folk
will still endure the iron fist,
will still find courage to resist
violation by England's yoke.

With savagery it's tried to choke
the lifeblood from the Irish flock;
in famine days arranged to block
the shipment of much needed wheat;
ensured the genocide complete,
St. Patrick weeping, feigning shock.

Two Haiku

Where has winter gone?
Of which winter do you speak?
All the winters gone.....

One tree blossoming
petals pink as perfection
promise promises
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The Fortune Teller

A contribution to Ronovan's Decima Challenge #48 with Fortune being the prompt word on the B rhyme line.

The Fortune Teller

A brisk wind rifled through the tent,
chilling the teller of fortunes.
She was rummaging through the runes,
deciphering if what they meant
would pay her heating bill and rent.
Business was slow, a winter's day
unlikely to produce the pay
she needed to survive the storm
of lockdown's irritating norm.
What she foresaw, she would not say.

Birthday Fool

A Shi Rensa contribution to the ronvanwrites Haiku Challenge 348; paired prompt words, Fool and Head.

Birthday Fool

Birthday Fool,
passed years in your head,
share this cake.

Share this cake,
love with which it's made;
children's gift.

Children's gift
is all that is life,
health and love,

health and love
you have gifted this
Birthday Fool.
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A contribution to ronovanwrites Decima Challenge #47 with Start as the prompt word on the A rhyme line.


As Capital tears us apart
and profits from labourers' toil,
we seek, in the tillage of soil,
a flowering, welcoming heart.

So let me suggest, as a start,
production, now owned by the few,
is freed from the oligarch's screw,
communalised, structured and planned,
with redistribution of land.
Society reborn anew.

The Gordian Knot

The Gordian Knot

Intractable, opaque, complex,
too hard for mortals to unpick,
a plethora of twining tricks
designed to confuse and perplex.

Theorem that ungently wrecks
the notion of our self-esteem.
A problematic lurid dream
where resolution is forgot.
Yet Alexander sliced the knot
of Gordius; fulfilled his scheme.

Made for the Ronovan Writes Decima Challenge #46 with Knot as the prompt word on the D rhyme line.

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The Metaphysics of Doubt

The Metaphysics of Doubt

In metaphysics it's the rage
to conjure images of god,
like building bricks or light'ning rod,
a piece of wisdom, every page
a homily, insightful, sage.
The mind's a cauldron where a whirl-
ing witch's brew invokes a curl-
ing lip, an empathetic grin,
profound misgivings held within;
the grit which manufactures pearl.
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A decima for Ronovan’s Challenge #44. Steal is the prompt word on rhyme line B.


Every creed forbids such sins.
We're taught compassion, not to steal;
provide each other with a meal;
how heartbreak ends when love begins.

Behind the background violins
reality is held in check.
This mote of dust, this tiny speck
of carbon matter tries it's best
to do no harm. But, like the rest,
we steal illusions, cash the cheque.
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A decima for Ronovan's Challenge #43 with Spring being the prompt word on rhyme line A


The transience of bluebelled Spring
is like a mayfly's brevity,
the spider's tumbling levity
when darting to it's capturing.

We're, each of us, held on this string,
awaiting the incredible
rebirthing of the edible;
transformative resurgency,
fecund sexual urgency
of animal, vegetable.

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