I can and can't believe what's happening here,
the partial truths, the half-lies overwhelming
any hint of rational debate.
It seems the search for enlightenment has been 
abandoned in favour of temporary gain,
advantage mistaken for intelligent design,
purpose rather undermined by fear.

Perhaps these things are cyclical, delight
replaced by darkness every now and then.
It shows in the way we conduct the public discourse;
no one can possibly be wrong,
anger that is hurled in place of reason,
rancour, where humility may serve
a better purpose, blindness replacing sight.

And so it's very understandable,
I have heard it said, given the way
the liberal elites have twisted the narrative,
have eschewed equality and shut up shop,
retreating behind their walls of privilege,
denying that they ever really believed
we could all come to sit and eat at their table.