Making Time

Making Time

It started with just night and day,
hunting, sex and sleeping,
keeping wolves at bay
and, when the sun came up, relief.

Then someone noticed how
moons repeat their wax and wane,
put things into sets, accounting,
and after things, came time.

And after time, more time,
finer and diffuse, better able to
regulate our lives,
even pinpoint God,

till we could tell how long
it takes an atom to comb it's hair,
grow paunchy, gruff, and die.
How time thins the more we manufacture it.
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The Dream

A contribution to Ronovan’s decima challenge number thirty something with the tricky prompt word Contrast on the A rhyme line. Difficult, metrically, I found.

The Dream

It's time to get down on a fast,
eschew all the sins and the treats,
abandon the cakes and the sweets,
slim down, in a dazzling contrast
to the calorific repast
you dulged in for year upon year
swilled down with those gallons of beer.
Break out that old exercise bike,
swim, run and jump, go on a hike,
reducing the scope of your rear...
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A Mused Limerick Challenge

Chel Owens latest Challenge is for a Limerick form with the theme of “Resolutions”. She wants them to be funny but not too filthy. That’s a challenge in itself! Here’s my attempt…..

The trouble with trying to be humorous
is that senses of wit are quite numerous.
This nonsense solution,
with a rhymed resolution,
is a punchline that stays unassumerous.
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Haiku Challenge

My contribution to Ronovan’s Haiku challenge 339 with prompt words CHILD and Grow: I’ve made a tanka this time.

So - the instructions
on how to grow a child have
not been included
as well as the batteries
and unconditional love
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A contribution to Ronovan’s decima challenge 38, with Bash as the prompt word on rhyme line D.


We often find ourselves ashamed
knowing we're members of a race
that barely shows a human face,
our consciousness twisted and maimed.

Uneulogised, unknown, unnamed,
the heroes of our human kin
retain this knowledge in their skin;
the reddening of cheeks abashed,
confounded dreams and ideals dashed,
condemned to darkness held within.

Taking Flight

Taking Flight

What we've burned
there still is use for.
Ash, like snowflakes settling
dousing landscape,
sounds muted as if smothered,
a page of words released
like doves.
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A Christmas message for my wife.

For Christmas I would give you all the earth,
the planets shining jointly in the West,
the low sun crouching in the clouds
behind the cleansing rain beating
gently on our window pane.

But most of all and all that's best,
I give you treasure for your warm heart,
my ancient love to lie there repeating
again and again
that never in this life will it depart.
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